Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Verbosity And A Sore Throat

I'm amused at myself.

I always do this when I get a new journal, or start a new blog. For some reason it seems like a momentous occasion, and I tend to get verbose and poetical in a silly way.

"A new journal! I...I must think of something witty and fascinating to say! Uhm...hmmm..."

But now that ice is broken, I've popped the cherry, and I can get down to simply writing whatever.

Like, isn't there a rule somewhere that you can't be sick on your birthday? I'm sure I've read something to that effect, once upon a time. And yet there is this persistent sore throat this morning, in complete and blatant defiance of any such law.

I demand a refund.


Binary Rhyme said...

Hehe - if you're getting a refund, does that mean you're sending the gifts back?

Ooo... slideshow! Trundles off to figure out how to do that...

Precious Jewlz said...

*Snuggles* Happy Birthday Love... Hope you feel better soon!

cotton-headed-ninny-muggins said...

happy late birthday, and beautiful blog!

Tangerine said...

Thanks Renee! I've been on way too many blog sites, but I really like how blogger does it. Maybe I'll actually stick with it this time.

And Mike, do you need help figuring out the slideshow? I notice you don't have one up yet... ;)