Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lolcats and Politics

I've been doing some reading on I'm attempting to be open-minded and graceful. I believe that it is my duty to stay involved in my government, but that doesn't mean following a strict party line, or simply having knee-jerk reactions. But there is phrasing that worries me. Things that taken alone seem great, but added to a bunch of other things I can't help but think: Where in the world is all that money coming from?!

I'll try to go into more thoughtful depth about this later, after all, no knee jerking here, so I want to be able to lay out my arguments and thoughts in a precise reasonable manner. Not to convince anyone, but simply because I feel it's important for me, that I have thoroughly researched something. I want to be certain of my position. For now, I'll leave you with a cute kitty picture that sums up my feelings about...pretty much all politicians right now! (thanks Renee for getting me started on that silly website tonight!)

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Annie said...

I've been doing some reading at as well. I actually found it BEFORE the political machine changed much of what was posted. For example, I saw with my own two eyes his proposal to make volunteering mandatory for college students. I haven't looked recently, but I understand that statement has been revised.

Another great blog I follow is