Monday, November 3, 2008

A Proud Right-Wing Nut Job On Politics And Friends

I have very strong convictions, but I'm also open to differing thought processes and ideas. This whole election nastiness brings about an interesting consideration. We get emotional and frustrated, and I have heard folks rant and rail against those "crazy socialist left-wingers" or "the gun-toting right wing conspirators"...and yet, my sister and I discussed this morning, that individually, we all have friends, good friends, maybe even family who sit just as staunchly on the opposite side of the aisle from us.

So what do you do? Politics is something that you get 4 different opinions with 2 people in the room. And that's if they are on the same side! It seems like this is something that could destroy friendships, and yet how can you let it? My friends and family are the most important thing. And while I may think some of them are misguided, in the end the friendships are what last. I've had some very interesting discussions with friends regardless of who they are voting for. I think it's good that we all get the chance to voice our thoughts.

But even so, I'm very glad this is almost over. Tomorrow, we will be done. Assuming things don't get wacky like 2000.

And in the end, even if the absolute worst I can imagine does come to pass, what am I going to do to my friends who helped it happen? I can promise the most they'll get from me is a "Ha! I told you so!" as Steve and I run for the hills with our kids and our guns. ;)


Binary Rhyme said...

Hehe. Well, with respect to the candidates involved, I've got mixed opinions about both of them. Obama will be protectionist from a trade perspective, which will be bad economically for Canada - while likely more multi-lateral in his foreign policies (a good thing, IMHO). McCain will be the exact opposite - better from a trade perspective, more uni-lateral from a foreign policy perspective.

And so it goes, on and on - pros and cons all over the place. Part of what I observe about American politics is that things get campy. You're Red or you're Blue. Why not both, without feeling the "wishy-washy" heat?

Sure would be handy if there was a third party in the centre in the states, but of course, they'd be branded "wishy washy" and no-one would vote for them. ;-)

Tangerine said...

Agreed, I don't like a two party system. I voting scheme that I really go down the list, and put first, second, third choice, etc. The idea is that we are actually more likely to get the right person that way. With it being so two party, folks don't vote for the independents, because we all know they won't get enough votes. So then it comes down to voting the lesser of two evils. In a system where you rate vote them, it might wind up that a large majority put down some independent as their second choice...and that person would actually become president because they have a total that is higher. I'm not explaining it very well. Either way, I wish we could get away from two party, and I know that the founding father would be unhappy with how much of a rich man's game this has become.

And mixed opinions is right. One of my best friends said she'd rather pick and choose the good qualities from both of them. Too bad we can't.

Precious Jewlz said...

*is purple* Or what I like to call Moderately Confused.

I've been raised in a Republican Household - and registered and voted Red all my voting life.

This election has raised some serious questions, (and some serious arguments) between me and members of my family.

For the first time in my life - I'm not playing connect the dots, or voting "just like mom." In that household any opinion that wasn't her was the wrong one.

I'm voting for me this year - for the candiate that hold most (but NOT ALL)of my personal beliefs and leanings.

So I will say with a great excitement for the culmination of this campaign "Best of Luck" to both parties.

Annie said...

Although I'm a conservative, (and thus Republican) I've always stayed open to the possibility that a Democrat just might be the first person for the job. But not this time. I'm not a huge fan of McCain, but in the face of the opposition, that's who I'm voting for. Obama's positions are just TOO liberal; I cannot now, and never will agree, with re-distribution of wealth.

I'm actually frightened to see the results tomorrow night. I will be so glad it's over with, though.

Binary Rhyme said...

One thing you might find interesting is the following measure, called a "Political Compass" which I think is better than a simple "Left and Right" breakdown. What's fascinating is - both Obama and McCain are considered "right." Hehe.

Here's the assessment for the U.S.A. election:

and here's the assessment for the recent Canadian election:

cotton-headed-ninny-muggins said...

I knew you'd be a good blogger! Way to address controversy without being controversial.
We have 12 propositions here in Cali! After getting through those and trying to understand all the issues and policies the two major presidential candidates are talking about I'm so glad today has finally come. I'm ready for some of the hot controversies to cool off a little.

Tangerine said...

Thanks Renee! I'm glad you like it. I actually found the perfect quote for this little post last night, too. So, I'll just post it here!

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.
Thomas Jefferson